Millswood Day Nursery

Millswood Day Nursery was formerly Woodlanders Day Nursery which was set up by Dame Hannah Roger’s school in 1992 as a work place nursery. It became Millswood Day Nursery in February 2017.

The Nursery is housed in a single storey building with a large garden providing a safe environment for lots of outdoor learning.

Little Acorn Room (0-24 months)

This room is cosy and welcoming, making the children feel at ease and happy to explore the many different experiences that are on offer.  The children in this room are looked after by caring and understanding staff, not only are they aware of the individual needs of the children but also that of the parents.  The practitioners recognise how important these first months and years of a child’s life are.  The staff will work closely with you to get to know your baby and their routine in order to maintain consistency.  The room has its own separated kitchen area, enabling it to be self-sufficient within the nursery as well as a cot area where your child can enjoy a peaceful rest.  The children from this room have their own outdoor play area to enjoy.

Bluebell & Buttercup Rooms (24-59 months)

The children are given an abundance of opportunities to be creative and to explore lots of different materials; including paint, glue, playdough, clay, sand, water.  They can dress up, be involved in imaginative play, sing songs, dance and explore musical instruments, share stories, but above all have lots of fun as they grow in all areas of their development.  There are 3 inside areas that the children can move between as well as there being plenty of time to explore freely and move between the inside and outside learning environments as they wish.  We provide opportunities for the children to build their confidence, resilliance and independence, teaching them to show respect for themselves, others and the environment.

We follow Phase 1 of the Government’s Letters & Sounds program which allows the children to be involved in a variety of fun activties in small groups which focus on developing children’s speaking and listening skills and laying the foundations needed to be able to go on to be effective readers and writers.    The activities are arranged under the following seven aspects.  Aspect 1: General sound discrimination – environmental sounds, Aspect 2:  General sound discrimination – instrumental sounds, Aspect 3: General sound discrimination – body sounds, Aspect 4:Rhythm & Rhyme, Aspect 5: Alliteration, Apsect 6: Voice Sounds, Aspect 7: Oral blending and segmenting.

Please click here for more information about the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).


All year round contract
Term time only contract
8am-1pm (Over 2's Only)
1pm-6pm (Over 2's Only)
Extra hour

Fees include the following meals & snacks (unless funded, when there will be an additional charge if food is required)

Breakfast will be served between 8-8:30am and will normally consist of a selection of cereal & toast.

A two course lunch is served at approximately 12 midday.  We cook all of our food on the premises ensuring a fresh high quality meal is served every day.  

An uncooked tea is served at approximately 4:30 – this may be sandwiches, pitta bread, wraps etc. served with a selection of finger food.

A morning and afternoon snack will also be served which may include fresh fruit, breadsticks, crackers, cheese etc.